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We are a Business Directory & A Business Recommendation Network for Filipinos people around the world.

When we network together we are a stronger force in keeping each other safe.

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We Are A Business Directory & A Business Recommendation Network for Filipino people around the world.


We give you everything you need to present a high quality informative business listing that you will be proud of. It is limited only by your imagination or use our Business Recommendation Network. Let other Filipinos know what you know about businesses in your area. It's FREE so you have nothing to loose. List or recommend a business today.

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We Are A Business Recommendation Network


 This is your opportunity to learn from or tell others so they can avoided situations that can make your life more difficult by jeopardizing all that you are working for. We here at My Filipino Network we hope to provide that connection  from others who have been there before you. It is nice to have someone you can trust and depend on to provide guidance on where to go and just as important where not to go as well as the do's and don'ts of the country you are in. READ MORE


Our Uniqueness Is Because

We Are A Business Recommendation Network


Our uniqueness is we are providing the ability for anyone in the worldwide Filipino community to recommend a business to other Filipinos. Your recommendations can be positive or negative, they can be made by any Filipino who lives abroad or at home in the Philippines. This gives all who use this website valuable and trusted information & now you have a voice with power behind it because it comes from within the community.  READ MORE


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