About Us


About Us

All About Us: We are a unique website for Filipinos as well as other nationalities that could use this valuable and trusted information. It is trusted information because businesses list here can be recommended by other Filipinos who live or have lived abroad. When you are so far away sacrificing everything you know to provide a better life for your family back home in the Philippines, it is nice to have someone or something you can trust and depend on to provide guidance on where to go and just as important where not to go as well as the do's and don'ts of the country you are in. We here at My Filipino Network hope to provide that connection  from others who have been there before you. This is your opportunity to learn from others and avoided situations that can make your life more difficult by jeopardizing all that you are working for.

Our uniqueness comes in the idea of this website. We provide the ability for anyone in the worldwide Filipino community to recommend to other Filipinos and other nationalities abroad through their experience, whether that experience has been positive or  negative. Recommendations can be added to or removed from the website by any and all Filipinos who live abroad and at home in the Philippines. If you think that other Filipino want to or should know about a particular business, organization or website just as a few examples. This gives all who use this website valuable and trusted information because it comes from within the community. We will grow as the information flows in from these resources. In turn this gives our users the power to impact each others lives and to possibly protect each other from, poorly ran businesses, illegal operations, corruption and even physical harm.

We ask that your recommendations be honorable and of quality so that we all may improve our lives with the information provided.

We may in the future add items for sale also to support this site. We also hope you will support us when and if that happens. So with all that in mind, we want to invite you to be a part of our future and help spread the word about the our website. It is our hope and dream to become the premier website for the abroad community and achieve the reputation of a trusted website you will not hesitate to recommend to others as a valuable resource of information.